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Best Served Cold 

Six months after a chilling, unsolved murder that forced him to the edge, Homicide Detective Daniel Slade thinks he is ready to move on. Healing from the scars left behind, he and his son have begun to find a semblance of normalcy, especially after Daniel's...

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Best Served Cold novel cover coming soon.

About C.S. Ashford

C.S. Ashford is an emerging Canadian author specializing in mystery and suspense novels. With a keen eye for the intricate dance between shadow and truth, he crafts captivating tales that explore the depths of the human psyche and the complexities of deceit. With a passion for storytelling and the art of suspense, his narratives invite readers into a world of intrigue and discovery. Join C.S. Ashford as he unveils mysteries that challenge the mind and stir the soul.

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